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10 Feb

The original evil parts come from old China and its fox lore (introduced to Japan between the 4th-7th centuries CE).

The newer tamer parts, such as the big belly, belly drumming, giant scrotum, and sake bottle can be traced to late Edo-era Japan (18th-19th centuries), while the commercialized benevolent parts (promissory note, straw hat) emerged in Japanese artwork around the beginning of the 20th century.

More surprisingly, most of these attributes were created in very modern times (in the last three centuries; see Tanuki in Modern Times).

Although the Japanese continue to classify Tanuki as a yōkai 妖怪 (monster, spirit, specter, fantastic/strange being), the creature today is no longer frightening or mysterious.

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In general, the goofy-looking Tanuki we are familiar with today is a recent creation, mostly Japanese.

But by carefully investigating Tanuki’s remote origins from China, we can demarcate original property from borrowed property.

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