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11 Jun

In accord with 18th-century custom, they would have brought male servants with them.

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West Ford, according to the will of Hannah Bushrod Washington, the mother of Bushrod, was freed at the age of 21.

Although we respect the West Ford family's beliefs we need to look at all available information, both oral and written. No records indicate that George Washington visited his brother's plantation at all from the time he returned to Mount Vernon on December 24, 1783 at the end of the Revolution, until John Augustine Washington's death in early January of 1787.

Stories about West Ford and questions about his paternity have been around for many years. Since that time, the staff has conducted additional research and has shared those results as well.

In addition, a variety of sources record that visitors to Mount Vernon were numerous, keeping him at home and occupying much of his available time.

According to our research, there are very few times when his whereabouts cannot be documented for this period.