Sex lies and online dating rachel gibson

13 Sep

When the work began, however, it became clear that her self-aggrandizement was far from harmless.

Rachel is clearly incapable of seeing anyone as her equal, much less working together in harmony on anything.

Since I try to be nice to people unless they give me reason to behave otherwise, Rachel mistook me for a perfect source of narcissistic supply: valuable, talented, hard-working, compliant, and self-effacing.

As you can see, I’ve been a terrible disappointment.

She bullied me into doing so much unpaid work that I got behind at my freelance job and was let go.

She destroyed my ability to make a living with her 24/7 demands on my time.

Everything must be all her way, and an idea can be rejected for the sole reason that someone else came up with it.

Within a week it was clear that she would throw tantrums till I allowed her to make all the decisions—and if tantrums didn’t work, she would sneak.

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No more saving what’s left of your own hide and leaving the next guy to get bitten.

Fun went out the window very early on; she began treating me as though I were an employee, and a particularly stupid one at that.

Ironically, if she had shown the least respect for my time or person I would have happily helped build the site on a volunteer basis, but she made my life too miserable to put up with it for free, especially when she was using my work to beg for money.

When Rachel first approached me for this project, she presented it as a fun way for girls to work together—“and we’ll split the profits!

” Well, neither fun nor sharing anything have panned out.