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19 Jun

Sara heard him unzip his jeans, then she felt his fingers in her most intimate of places, biting her neck and moaning at her wetness that shouldn’t be happening in this circumstance. Swiftly, his need intense and urgent, he pressed himself into her, slowly working his full length inside her, taking her fully.His eyes grew dark with lust and passion, as he continued to thrust himself into her, pressing her against the wall and pulling her legs around his hips.Suddenly, she felt his presence before he even touched her.She tried to turn around, but before she could her body was pinned against the door, and a hand was placed over her mouth. Nod if you understand me.” Sara nodded, trying not to shake too badly.He turned her around fully, holding her hands in one of his above her head.

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Sara’s arms went around him and she whispered in his ear, “My Prince Charming, you’re the best boyfriend a girl could ever have.” He kissed her cheek, her ear, and moved to her neck, nibbling. And you always will be the love of my life; my passion, my desire.” This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved.

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Faster and faster he thrust, her body obeying his command, until one final thrust deep inside her finished him, and he came hard.

His hands tightened around her body, pulling her closer than she thought possible, as he emptied himself, letting his passion and desire finally lessen somewhat.