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12 Nov

Web_Submission: The site says steroid injections may be harmful. Dr_Carson: Steroids were used widely in the 1980's but change the normal tissues and don't decrease the scar tissue well.There is great difficulty with surgical dissection if surgery is chosen later in the course of the disease.David: Are there any lasting negative side effects from Verapamil injections?Dr_Carson: There are few negative effects of verapamil.Chat_Moderator: Please feel free to be candid with your questions, the intent is to provide an open forum for you the guest.The information will not be used or shared for any type of marketing purposes.However, we will follow up with a posting in the forum in an effort to answer all questions. Carson will post responses once a week for the next four weeks, so please feel free to follow up on any questions or responses that you would like to discuss in more detail. Miguel: how do i know if i have Peyronie's or just a normal "bend"? Dr_Carson: A good physical exam by a urologist interested in PD is a good place to start.

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Dr_Carson: I am not surprised as the Verapamil does not get into the plaque from the topical application. Is there anything that I should be doing but waiting? There are all kinds of treatments being suggested on the internet- Vitamin E topical with DMSO, enzymes, etc.Chat_Moderator: My name is Walter Ryan, I'm with Cook Medical, and I will be moderating our discussion this evening.Prior to starting, I would like to cover a few guidelines and “house-keeping” items as we proceed through the chat.ken1024: Can my urologist in CT participate in the Auxillum trial and how? Dr_Carson: I really have no control of the urologists chosen.I would ask Auxillium who is included in the Connecticut area.