Signs your dating relationship is over

08 Jul

The things you were once able to look past, such as your partner's habit of leaving toenail clippings all over the bathroom floor or his tendency to retreat for hours at a time to play video games, become major annoyances, each one a nail that is snagging a sweater sleeve and threatening to unravel the whole garment.

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During that time, I noticed that I stopped being excited when I heard from my boyfriend.At the time, I thought that the excitement would eventually come back — or maybe that it was natural to fade the longer we were together.Then, I looked at my parents, who have been married for over 30 years.While those flaws might cause a bit of a jolt or an upheaval in a relationship, they eventually smooth out.Even if they cause you some annoyance, you know the person you're with is worth being mildly irritated once in a while.