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28 Aug

How many believe that Comey was fired for his actions in the 2016 election, which so favored Donald Trump?As Trump pointed out, it was Democrats, until very recently, who wanted the FBI director’s head for reviving the issue of Hillary Clinton’s e-mails at a critical moment last fall.“An impeachment stampede could well develop.”A squad of FBI agents arrived to secure the doors — and seal the files — at Cox’s office: The administration didn’t want any of the prosecutor’s staff carrying out evidence and leaking it to the press.James Doyle, a former Globe reporter who was working for Cox as his spokesman, gathered up some family photographs and a print of the Declaration of Independence he had hanging on his wall. Just stamp it ‘void’ and let me take it home.”“We got lucky with Watergate — good prosecutors, and tapes! “This time, the firestorm of outrage is missing, replaced by the incoherence of cable news, the incompetence of the executive, and a one-party majority.I hear the ride takes about 4 minutes, so don’t waste any time!Just in case people work a little TOO quickly, remember this phrase: “If the gondola’s a rockin’, don’t come a knockin’! The public outcry compelled Nixon to appoint a new special prosecutor, Leon Jaworski, who carried the fight for the tapes to the US Supreme Court.

“The situation is at a state of white heat,” Haig warned.They had ranged far beyond their original mandate to examine topics unrelated to Watergate, like Nixon’s purchase of waterfront property and his friend Bebe Rebozo’s business affairs. What followed the firing was universally described as a political “firestorm.” Nixon’s standing slipped further when the White House revealed that there were gaps — including one famous 18-minute gap — in the tapes that Cox was seeking.Then news reports raised another issue: Had Nixon been evading taxes?When FBI agent Angelo Lano tried to stop him, Doyle barked: “It’s the Declaration of Independence, Angie . Tragedy as a segment of ‘The Apprentice.’ ”Nixon had some cause to be wary of Cox.The Harvard Law School professor had salted his staff with leftward-leaning prosecutors, including a dozen former staffers of John and Robert Kennedy.