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They're also a potentially great source for content.So there's little downside, as far as I can determine.Sanger thought a wiki would be a good platform to use, and proposed on the Nupedia mailing list that a wiki based upon Use Mod Wiki (then v. Under the subject "Let's make a wiki", he wrote: No, this is not an indecent proposal. Jimmy Wales thinks that many people might find the idea objectionable, but I think not...As to Nupedia's use of a wiki, this is the ULTIMATE "open" and simple format for developing content.The bandwidth and server (located in San Diego) used for these initial projects were donated by Bomis.Many former Bomis employees later contributed content to the encyclopedia: notably Tim Shell, co-founder and later CEO of Bomis, and programmer Jason Richey.Wales stated in December 2008 that he made Wikipedia's first edit, a test edit with the text "Hello, World!", but this edit may have been to an old version of Wikipedia which soon after was scrapped and replaced by a restart; Between these relatively rapid influxes of traffic, there had been a steady stream of traffic from other sources, especially Google, which alone sent hundreds of new visitors to the site every day.

Ramachandran, United India Insurance, alongside Dr. The Malayalam version of the website can be explored by clicking the following link.

This concept of a machine-assisted encyclopedia was further expanded in H. Wells' book of essays World Brain (1938) and Vannevar Bush's future vision of the microfilm-based Memex in his essay "As We May Think" (1945).

Advances in information technology in the late 20th century led to changes in the form of encyclopedias.

Wikipedia's earliest edits were long believed lost, since the original Use Mod Wiki software deleted old data after about a month.

On Tuesday 14 December 2010, developer Tim Starling found backups on Source Forge containing every change made to Wikipedia from its creation in January 2001 to 17 August 2001.