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05 Sep

They lived in a modest home in Wimbledon along with his mother, who is the most compelling arts fund-raiser alive; his elder sister, Europe’s best journalist; and his younger sister, a gifted midwife with a singing voice that comes directly from God.

The Hiddlefamily was solidly middle-class, but Tom’s parents sacrificed to send him to the best schools—Eton, Cambridge, and then RADA.

And the lesson of 2016 is we have to love more, we have to risk more, we have to be braver, we have to be more outspoken.”It is tempting to say that the union of Hiddleswift was cooked up in a panicked publicist’s office: That professional breakup lyricist Taylor Swift—who knew this very magazine was about to publish a story suggesting that maybe she hadn’t been so honest about whether she knew she’d be a lyric in Kanye’s “Famous,” that maybe there was even a videotape to prove it—urgently needed a professional, tactical, romantical distraction. And these two made a kind of sense: They were similarly earnest and pale and high-rise and shiny.

It’s clear why he might love him so much: Tom Hanks seems as all-in as Tom Hiddleston. “I’m nowhere near Tom Hanks’s contribution or even close. But there is a value in it, you know, somehow, somewhere.” What he’s saying is: It’s worth it for us all to think about what we’re putting into the world. leading man, and truly gifted wearer of suits (like the ones he‘s got on here, in this season’s color: brown). ”); this porridge he makes, which is just oatmeal and almond milk and chia seeds (“I’m obsessed! This is important to keep in mind while you’re getting to know Tom Hiddleston: His zeal is bottomless.(You braise it in the oven after browning it on the stove—that’s the thing. On New Year’s Day, he says, Regent’s Park was even more beautiful than it was during our walk: It was foggy, and the lanterns were lit, but you couldn’t see anything beyond the mist. If you took the measure of Tom Hiddleston without any influence from stories, you might think to yourself: Here is a handsome, thoughtful man who is not wasting his potential, and that is a heartening thing to see in this world. A thing you learn doing these interviews is that actors are always far shorter than you ever imagined. He is tall and strapping, and I kept thinking that it is so Tom Hiddleston to live up to the hype.For the record, I was laughing about his Attenborough impression; I was hugging him because we were saying good-bye after two days and because: Tom Hiddleston! Look what’s happened in the past year to the world’s most powerful democracies.)So yes, fake news is a thing, and now is the time to talk about it. Which is why he’s decided to step into the fray himself, consequences be damned.