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09 Aug

Regarding foreign archives, the Wreck Register contains information collected from the National Archives of Sweden, the National Archives of the Netherlands, Lübeck City Archives and the Amsterdam City Archives.Information is inserted and published on an ongoing basis also after the end of the project.The majority of the more than one thousand entries in the Wreck Register, are made on the basis of archival materials and newspapers published in the Netherlands, Tallinn and Riga.In Estonia, relevant materials have been searched for in the Estonian Historical Archives of the National Archives, State Archives and Tallinn City Archives.In autumn of 1326, Alexander, the prince of Tver, received a jarlig from the Mongol Öz Beg Khan, authorizing the prince to rule Vladimir.About a year later, Öz Beg's cousin, Chol-khan, arrived in Tver with a large retinue and removed Alexander from the prince's palace in an apparent reversal of the grant.When confidence fell for the rule of the princes of Vladimir, various factions in the principality began to jostle for power, and the region divided itself into several states, including Tver, Moscow, and others.All these states acknowledged the rule of the prince of Vladimir, but the power had become notional at best by the dawn of the fourteenth century.

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The project was financed by the European Regional Development Fund via the Central Baltic INTERREG IVA Programme.

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The Wreck Register has been created within the framework of a three-year collaboration project "Shipwreck Heritage: Digitizing and Opening Access to Maritime History Sources".

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