Understanding teen dating abuse

28 Sep

It is well known that adolescence, the period in which a young person exits childhood and enters young adulthood, has been characterized as innately confusing and challenging, particularly the timeframe most associated with the teenage years.

Like IPV, physical damage varies, depending on impact and location; what has been distinguished is the role of gender.

The probability of reaching out for help drops even lower, to just 3% for authoritative figures.

Interestingly, 75% of victims will tell a friend or peer.

While these websites provide useful and similar data, all three definitions(s) omit discussion of "sexting" and use of the words "digital abuse" which the national go-to organization, Love is Respect.org, utilizes to describe abusive electronic encounters which fall under the umbrella of psychological abuse.

The CDC also does not reference or utilize the word "pattern," a very important descriptive in the world of adult domestic abuse but states that "TDV can also be referred to as domestic violence and/or abuse." Lastly, there is no mention of LGBTQIA relationships.