Updating character graphics for cataclysm

30 Aug

[DC] When playing on very wide maps (at or close to the map width limit), moving an aiming cursor (e.g.

[DC] Intrinsic maps were not remembered in Offline Multiplayer mode; every time a Multiplayer screen was entered (including the end of a game round), a selected intrinsic map would be overwritten with a randomly generated map.[DC] When a replay file using an intrinsic map was launched, the current map (stored in current.thm) was deleted.If this was done while another instance of W: A was open, this would cause the map thumbnail in that instance to become empty (or, in versions before, garbled).[DC] With the command-line parameters /getmap, /getscheme, and /getvideo, the use of forward-slashes instead of backslashes in the file's path name was not supported.[DC] Bug introduced in v3.6.23.0: After connecting to a non-Worm NET IRC server that attempted ident authentication, W: A would fail to properly join channels.