Updating ruby on rails

01 Nov

Uru is a lightweight, multi-platform command line tool that helps you to use multiple Rubies on OS X, Linux, or Windows systems. To update ruby version used by a ruby on rails app we need to start with installing the ruby version we want.If you are on Windows, there is a great project to help you install Ruby: Ruby Installer.

On mac OS (High) Sierra and OS X El Capitan, Ruby 2.0 is included.If the version of Ruby provided by your system or package manager is out of date, a newer one can be installed using a third-party installer.Some of them also allow you to install multiple versions on the same system; associated managers can help to switch between the different Rubies.Certain members in the Ruby community feel very strongly that you should never use a package manager to install Ruby and that you should use tools instead.While the full list of pros and cons is outside of the scope of this page, the most basic reason is that most package managers have older versions of Ruby in their official repositories.