Updating sas license

03 Oct

Therefore, the software will function when you are at ASU, at home, or traveling.For individuals who would like to utilize Eventus in SAS, you must also use the university's license.We recommend you save your SID file (the attached file) in your "Documents" folder. Once you start JMP you should eventually see a window similar to the following: Step 3 If your JMP license is past your expiration date, the first screen you see at JMP launch is a message that your JMP license is expired. At the prompt, navigate to where you saved the SID file in Step 1. Enter an Administrator Name and Department if you desire. In order to run each software product, you must apply a product information code provided by SAS Institute.New SAS & SPSS license files are posted in yearly.To renew SAS, download the new setinent file that corresponds to your installation version and save it to a location on your machine.This file is the file that was supplied to you by email by ITS.The sid file is located in for the Mac or for Windows. Enter this line: renew license(); See the following image. In the resulting Renew Your JMP License window, click Open License.

A personally purchased license may not include all the same features and functionality as the ASU license.

(1)SAS Installation Data (SID) is a text file required to install a customizedversion of SAS.

The SID was e-mailed to your SAS Installation Representative.

Remember, the licence must be both for SAS 9.3 and for the version of Windows you use (32-bit or 64-bit).

Download the new licence and start the programme for licence update: Xterm), it will ask for a password, this is listed in a file on the Desktop.