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08 Sep

Families sometimes feel lost or struggle to express themselves regarding a loved one’s drug or alcohol use.This can be down to fear of stigma, a concern that they won’t be properly understood or simply not knowing what to do.I know there is no physical addiction as I know that he can go days and weeks without drinking with no adverse affects which is perhaps what makes it worse.For months I have been asking him to see a doctor for his mental health issues which ultimately lead him to drink the way he does but he never has. read the full post I have recently discovered my partner is a cocaine addict, well ive known in my heart for over ayear now, but i thought he had it under control or he told me did and he was just doing he's thing!!!In the time we have been together he has relapsed on heroin, and in the process of recovery has sporadically had episodes of heavy drinking.His lapses are scary, and usually happen when I least expect them, I'll go to work and everything will be fine and come back to find him drunk, covered in sick or self-harming. read the full post If you are a parent who has a child (including adult children over 18) who has a drug or alcohol problem and you have experienced abusive behaviour from them then we can help.However he stopped taking medication then relapsed an hasnt stopped since.Hes now drinking average of 1 litre of vodka a day an has rece…

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If you'd like to know more please see this link and leave your details. read the full post For a good 12 months I have known that my partner has a dependency on alcohol.So, you know, I am truly so deeply sorry for the misery that I sometimes caused you, especially…read the full post My partner has issues with his mental health, and as a result addiction.He left school at 16, did not know what he wanted to do and together we found him an engineering apprenticeship; after 1 year he had a car accident and was off work for 4 months. This has totally devastated both myself and the kids.He totally refused to go back after the break and eventually… He says he hasn't loved me for some time and has recent sought comfort with a female colleague of his.