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27 Nov

But I guess with the 30 day return policy its basically an at home test isnt it! Wouldn't suit a pedestal set up with panel overhang. This is what gives a 100/120 Hz TV that 'look' of ultra smooth movement.

My dilemma is whether to buy on of these as a Foxtel HD/HTPC/PS4 screen until im guessing 2 years time that OLED 65 inch becomes available for 2500-3000. I have no issues with the smart lag is not very the sound is kinda low and the remote is way too that price i don't think we should be complaining. The scaler inside the TV looks at one frame and then the next and will draw new frames between the two actual input frame to smooth out the movement between those frames.

Anyone have any experience with this 65UHD from Bauhn? But past experience has taught me that the 'Panorama' setting on some TCL TVs is in fact 1:1 pixel mapping and the 'Standard' picture preset on some Hisense TVs (including mine) is actually full range RGB.And I couldn't help future comment on future posts about 'oh who uses that, nobody etc...'When I watch Tosh.0 etc saying anyone who doesn't get their news and video via the internet must be over 70 years old etc I guess I am making the same point....I have a modern PC that I also have plugged into my modern TV offers live UK adult chat rooms, so if your looking for a general chat or fancy a chat on web cam whatever you your fancy we have it covered.We have thousands of live online chatters thats based in the UK.