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25 May

Sex is affirmed as a source of pleasure and shared intimacy between husband and wife.Sexual pleasure is not an accident of human biology--it is one of the Creator's sweetest gifts to human beings.The Bible addresses human sexuality from a holistic perspective of God's intention and design.In contrast to both pagan sex rituals and our modern obsession with sex, the Bible places sex within the total context of human nature, happiness, and holiness. Albert Mohler What does the Bible really say about sex?

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In this regard, the Bible presents an honest and often detailed explanation of God's design for sex and its place in human life and happiness.This is pleasing to God, and is not to be a source of shame. True human happiness comes in the fulfillment of sexual holiness. Sexuality is one of God's good gifts, and the source of much human happiness.The attempt to enjoy sexual happiness without holiness is the root of sexual deviance. At the same time, once expressed outside its intended context of marital fidelity, it can become one of the most destructive forces in human existence.First, the biblical writers affirm the goodness of sexuality as God's gift.The Song of Solomon is an extended love poem with explicit erotic imagery and language.