Who is michael beasley dating

25 Nov

Beasley returned to the NBA to play for the Rockets in early March after playing in the Chinese Basketball Association and being named MVP of that league’s All-Star Game in January.Beasley had been with Karnes since 2013, but was without an agent last week.“This is all new to everybody, new situations for everybody,” said Carmelo Anthony, who along with Paul George joined the team this summer.“Even though we losing games, I think it’s more of lessons being learned than actually losing the game.Due to lack of much information about him, his fans are always curious to know more about him.Tall and handsome Malik Beasley is an American well-known professional basketball player.Their concern is more immediate than to collect options for next season.

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He has kept everything secret about his personal life and far from the tabloids.

“We wouldn’t sign a guy we didn’t think could help us this year.

Obviously, it hasn’t been the year we wanted, but winning this year continues to be the goal.” Fresh off being named MVP of the Chinese Basketball Association, Michael Beasley is headed to the Houston Rockets, according to league sources.

“We have a whole year to figure it out,” Paul George said. It’s something that’s step-by-step, day-by-day [and], at this point, game-by-game.

Reflecting on a personal life of Malik Beasley, he is possibly single.