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10 Feb

“We had some real battles, some real in practice that people didn’t see or hear or know about,” Swoopes said.

“So to have Coop and Tina do interviews — well, I sitting there watching, going, ‘Oh my God!

— the celebratory ESPN documentary about her life, career, and significance in sports history — “probably 10 times” before the film was previewed to an invitation-only audience this week at River Oaks Theatre.

But seeing it up on a big movie screen made her uncomfortably aware of something she hadn’t noticed before.

“But to me, what makes it different is, this is not what everybody else says, or what everybody else thinks. (Among the most entertaining: Gravel-voiced Comets coach Van Chancellor.) But Swoopes had no role in selecting or rejecting their comments.

But wait, there’s more: Swoopes made some very bad investments along the way, then made a bad situation significantly worse with recklessly free spending, and wound up losing many prized mementoes of her college and professional careers simply because she couldn’t afford the 0 monthly payments on a storage unit. And according to Hannah Storm, who appeared alongside Swoopes at the preview screening, the living-legend WNBA alumna never shied away from talking about any of these things during extensive on-camera interviews.

But a recent interview on with Diana Taurasi, WNBA star has me wondering.

When a fan asked Diana Taurasi if she had a boyfriend, Taurasi replied, "I do NOT have a boyfriend, but I am looking for someone rich, is about 6-8 and drives a BMW 745 li."Then another fan asked her if she had a celebrity crush.

Diana Taurasi said, "Yes, WNBA President Donna Orender."Now, all I need to know is how tall Donna Orender is and what kind of car does she drives.

Seriously, does it matter if Diana Taurasi is a lesbian?