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17 Jan

There are many people, once they make up their mind that they want to get married will then marry the first person who stumbles across their path and is equally determined and equally desperate. THAT is the "secret", Marry the Right person in the first place... Fellas' you may have a picture in your mind and an image of the girl of your dreams but you must also be the man of her dreams ..that dream may turn into a nightmare.

Often they set their standard so low it's as if the only qualification is a 'willingness' to "commit". Same for the ladies, the man whom you envision as your knight in shining amour must also see you as his Queen.

Often, it was broken from the onset and now you want to fix it.

There are many reasons that people get married:* Desperation * Insecurities * Need * Greed * Free sex * Want kids * AIDS * Lonely * Want stability * Getting older...

If another says that their goal is to complete the marathon race and they actually complete it then they were a success. If another says that their goal is to win the next marathon, they will only have succeeded if they actually WIN it. They're goal is to have a happy and fulfilling life with this other person.

The only successful marriages are those where both in the relationship are happy, content and fulfilled.

This secret is so simple and yet so obvious that many of you may be disappointed in it's simplicity.

They don't have to ever learn any more than that unless you should choose to reveal or disclose more of yourself.

And you can change or alter your screen name as often as you choose to.

If you're truly interested in ultimately meeting someone in person, dating and finding a genuine relationship, then dishonesty will one day backfire on you. There's no need to lie about your interests, hobbies, race, height, weight, age or anything else.

There is undoubtedly someone out there who will be intrigued by someone just like you.