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08 Jun

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Tinder Society is an elite group of people who are serious about crushing it on Tinder, founded by well-respected Tinder Hackers Blake Jamieson, Cammi Pham, and Tomer Garzberg.

What's more, research on the strength of marriage has suggested that couples who first meet online are stronger – namely, are less likely to break up – than those who meet in "traditional" ways, with potential benefits for society.

So, the next time you stumble upon someone on Tinder who's looking for a SO who's "prepared to lie about how we met", tell them where to get off.

With our remarkable network of members and contacts, you’ll be matched with stunning women and charming men.

People that you might never have the chance to connect with otherwise.

We’ve turned the art of Tinder dating into a science, and we want to share it with you.

This isn’t just community, this is real-life feedback and improvements to help you stand out from the competition, and score dream dates.

That’s why – unlike dating profiles – the only people who get to see your Society W Match Card are our matchmakers.You’ll be matched with attractive, caring, one of a kind people that share your values and passions.Learn More Finding a gorgeous, intelligent and down-to-earth woman or man to share your life with is difficult.The impact of online dating on our daily behaviour is pretty obvious: some lucky folks are finding the loves of their lives, sure, but many more are using it as an excuse to behave creepily towards others and treat them like crap. But have you ever thought about the wider, big-picture impact of dating apps and websites? Well, a fascinating new piece of research highlights the influence of online dating on marriage rates and even the stability of marriage itself.By completely overhauling the way in which many of us meet our partners, online dating has made interracial marriage more commonplace.