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30 Dec

One, she was clever — comfortably cleverer than me.

Not that this is a noteworthy feat but it was a still a good start. But in the face of this beautiful onslaught, I was bewildered. If you met me, you'd probably think I was alright - I could at least be relied upon to say something vaguely amusing.

They were all nice enough, a couple of them I continued seeing for a few weeks, but there was always something about them I didn't like.

What is enlightening, however, is the new trend in dating that's emerging because of it.Tues, | By Dan Juan My main beef with online dating sites is not that they're creepy or uncool or expensive.It's not even that they're rammed with fat weirdos and potential axe murderers.As if expleted from the mouth of a streetwise gazelle. As in, hit my head on it, rather than voluntarily gone inside to make a purchase.Not a good first impression: hi I'm Dan, and I'm a pisshead. The rest of the time I just grunted in agreement and tried to force a cheeky smile.